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Q. I want to know what visa is needed to study Korean in Vision University.

Generally D-4 Visa (Short-Term Student Visa) is needed. Foreigners with F or H visa must consult with us. 

Q. Alien registration application


Foreigners that entered with the visas stated below must go through foreigner registration at the Local immigration office or branch office within 90 days from the date of their entry into Korea who are wish to stay longer than 3 months. Such individuals should visit local immigration office or branch and register for alien registration and issued alien registration will replace for identification in Korea. Vision University executes the application for students’ convenience. You need prepare a passport, a 3X4 photo, and service charge of 10,000 KW. 


Q. What do I have to do if I want to extend D-4 or D-2 visa?

Vision University executes the application for visa issuance and extension for students’ convenience. On 10th, 20th and 30th in every month, you need to bring needed documents to VioLAC office before your expiration date. Of course, you can do it by yourself.
[Needed documents ]
비자연장을 위한 필요 서류
Number Name of document Document for visa Note
Extension D4→D4 Extension D2→D2 Extension D4→D2
1 Application (prepared in the office) -
2 Passport -
3 Alien registration -
4 Certificate of balance in bank 3 million KW
5 Receipt for tuition payment -
6 Certificate of enrollment -
7 Certificate of transcript - - -
8 Official letter of admission - - -
9 Certificate of high school graduation, an original copy of Hogubu(Chinese birth Certificate) - - China
10 Service charge 30,000 KW 30,000 KW 50,000 KW ※ To pass the visa extension review, attendance rate must be over 80% with GPA higher than 70% out of 100.

Q. In what language classes are taught? Can I take the class without any knowledge of Korean?

All of the classes are taught in Korean. But, don’t worry. The class will begin with basic greetings, so you can enjoy the class even if you do not know Korean at all. 

Q. How long will it take to finish all of the Korean language courses in Vision University?


How good will I be after completing the course?

If you begin from Level 1 without any knowledge of Korean, it will take about one year to finish level 4 if you do not fail the course. But if you feel you need more Korean or if the time when you finished language course do not correspond with the entry to graduate school, you might study up to level 5 or 6 and this will take about one and a half year. Students’ goal is to enter the University in Korea and after finishing level 4 in a year or level 5 or 6 in a year and a half, you will be ready for graduate school course in Korea. 


Q. What paths students will take after language course?

Most of the students who complete the language course will advance to Vision University, Jeon ju Univeristy or Jeonbuk University. For foreign student who took the course fully will have no problem in advancing to universities. 

Q. For whom TOPIK test is?

TOPIK test is for Overseas Koreans and foreigners for whom Korean is not a first language. It is for people who and are studying Korean, aim to learn the language and enter in-Korea universities, and seek jobs in companies and public institutions in Korea and oversea.

Q. How many times the test is held in a year?

It was held one time a year in September until 2006, but now it is held twice a year Between April/May and September/October. You need apply 2 to 3 months prior to. Test schedule might differ each year, so please refer to the website http://www.topik.or.kr and apply via online. Test fee is paid by account transfer or credit card. Online application is available only in Korea, and in foreign countries, application must be through consulate offices in each country. 

Q. I would like to know about medical insurance for students.

In case of getting sick or hurt during your study in Korea, medical bill cannot be ignored. Buying insurance for such occasions might help. You do not pay for insurance at university but for insurance company by yourself, but we can help you. Insurance premium might vary among insurance companies, but usually it is between 70,000 KW to 75,000 KW. It is recommended to buy insurance for foreign students. 

Q. Can I work part time?

During your stay as a student in Korea, you can work legally. But studying must come before than work. Legal part time work is for students who have stayed in Korea longer than 6 months and who have registered in immigration service office. You can work up to 4 hours a day in weekdays and unlimited hours in weekends. We recommend for you to work only after you completed at least level 3 and after staying in Korea for longer than 9 months. Legitimate part time work is also recommended for you to be ready for Korean and Korean society. But excessive work must be avoided. 
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