Hello, every one.
We welcome all of you to VioLAC,-VISION institute of language and culture- in Vision University of Jeonju. We’ve a pioneer in Korea education and distribution of Korean culture for foreigners.

Located in Jeonju- the most authentic city in Korea, we provide qualified cultural experience in accordance with the trend and trying various attempts with prestigious universities and companies in the world for internationalization.
We are making our name known not only in Asia, but also to the world through various activities including expanding ties with many universities in the world, attracting exchange students for all of foreign students who are interested in Korean language and culture.

All staffs in VioLAC are doing their best for Korean education and aptitude analysis to meet the demand from students, and for best education including further studies and employment after graduation as an educational institute for foreigners.

For anyone who is interested in Korean language and Korean culture, I believe the times spent in VioLAC will be the a cherished opportunity and the most unforgettable moments in your life.
We will also promise to provide you the best educational circumstances for you and your dream.

Thank you.