Guidance to school life
VISION University of Jeonju
Alien Registration
Registration and entry declaration
Foreigners that entered with the visas stated below must go through foreigner registration at the Local immigration office or branch office within 90 days from the date of their entry into Korea who are wish to stay longer than 3 months. Such individuals should visit local immigration office or branch and register for alien registration and issued alien registration will replace for identification in Korea.
Also, foreign students must report of their entry at the country’s consulate in Korea.
Re-visit for extension of visa or reissuance of alien certificate.
(Service charge 30,000 KW)
Online extension of stay can be done by a person in charge at VioLAC when needed.
But you must visit the office at least 3 days before the expiration date.
(students with low performance in school cannot apply extension via online and must visit the office by person for counseling)
Any questions regarding entry, call to extension number 1345
Documents: application, passport, a color photo of student, certificate of enrollment, service charge of 30,000 KW.
※ If you lose alien registration card, you need to apply for re-issuance.
Changes of residence and foreigners registration
Application reservation must be made within 14 days of the residence change. After this time period, penalty will be imposed.
Document: application, passport, alien registration, certificate of enrollment, certificate of enrollment of the previous school ( in case of transfer)